July 15, 2005


Time  9.30pm-11pm
Place Borders Bookstore in Cranston, Rhode Island
Occasion Wizard Party for the celebration of the new "Harry Potter, the Half Blood Prince" release



Yes, I met Jason in Cranston, RI. on Friday night, July 15th. He was signing pictures of himself as Lucius at a Harry Potter party at a Border's bookstore. I was able to meet him ahead of a very long line. He was absolutely gracious. He is living in RI right now while filming The Brotherhood for Showtime.  The sound stage for Brotherhood is in my city, so I guess I am in the middle of a good thing.

I hope to meet him again before filming finishes this Fall. My son met him at a party last summer in Providence and also commented as to his friendliness. I was standing near him as he signed autographs and he was lovely to each and every person- talking to everyone. Not many celebrities are like that.



So we got there at 7:30. We were like.. in the 20s of people in line (like number 20 and so forth).. the line CIRCLED AROUND THE STORE and came back.

His eyes are so gorgeous in person, everyone. I couldn't stop staring at him.

He spelled my name wrong, and then wrote "Sorry for being a bad speller" on my autograph.

Just another picture. He was such a nice guy. He shook my hand with both of his. "Guess I'll have to give you the special treatment" He said when the photographer said that this was the girl he told Jason about. HE TALKED ABOUT ME TO JASON ISAACS!

Forgot to mention. I made a t-shirt that said Free Lucius on it. Jason saw it just as I was walking away. "Hang on. I couldn't help but notice your shirt. I was being polite though, not staring there." He loved it.







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