Richard B. sent these in to share. Thanks, Richard!

I am a huge fan of the Brotherhood series (the Michael character is my favorite),

and was fortunate to meet most of the cast last  week while they filming in my former home

 state of Rhode Island.

I was truly impressed with Jason on how down to earth and considerate with his true fans

he was.

He was a little late getting dressed for a 2:30 pm shoot, but when he found out I had

 come up from Long Island to see the street shoot (most of the cast were present

in the late morning, but there was no "Michael" dressing room set up on the street.

I found out he was arriving later, so waited around and got lucky),

he came right over signed a couple things for me and took a few photos. He was awesome.

(Aug, 2008)



On Nov 5th, 2008, Richard sent in some more pics


Went up to Rhode Island to catch some more of the filming a couple of times the past two weeks.  Some photos attached of Jason getting into character in front of mom's house, with prop gun, and one more of me with Brian Scannell (Silent John), Jason and Billy Smith (Moe Reilly).  All were very approachable and cool.  Got to meet Kevin Chapman (Freddie Cork) later in the day, and had him sign a very nice 8x10.

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