Raven's First Jason Encounter

     By DD aka Raven 

    The Patriot DVD signing at the LA Virgin Megastore , October 2000


It's long.  You wanted details. This is my first meeting him, since Kailin told you about the outside meeting.  Saves me typing.  I got there about four hours early.  No one was there yet.  We asked the Virgin people where we lined up for The Patriot signing.  No one had no idea what we're talking about.  So we left for a while and got something to eat.  See I remembered to eat something.  Well, I tried to anyway.  I was really nervous.   So I went back and Kailin's boyfriend was there.  We talked a bit to pass time.  Yes, I was surprised to have him turn to me and say, "Are you Raven?" Seems this was what going to happen to me quite a bit that day.

Ok so now, they opened the doors to the signing late.  By this point I was numb because it was very chilly outside.  As you know Jason was first, then Dean and Roland.  By the way I think Roland is so cool. Because of his accent and he says "like" more then I do. LOL!  Ok, so I was very nervous now.  There was this bookshelf that blocked view of the table.  I popped my head around; Jason's back was to me.  I saw his hair, and I freaked out!  My friends worked me up for this, making me very nervous.  I was first in line.  So I went up first. Some guy that worked there said, "Are you ready?"  I responded, "NO! I can't do it! No!"  So, my friend James kind of pushed me around the corner.  That's the reason why I took him.  So I walked up there,
I put my DVD down in front of Jason.  I see the side of him because he was talking to Dean and Roland.  I was "dying" (as Judy Woz puts it) at this point!  He looks at me and says hi.  I was floored by the sparkle of his eyes. LOL!

I popped off and said look at my shirt.  Front says "Green Dragoon in Training."  The back "The honor is found in the end not the means. -Colonel Tavington" He looked, laughed and said, "That's fantastic!"   Then I gave him a card with a long stem white rose and said Thanks for saving the world.  He said "Awe So lovely."  My card was cool.  Lucy made it for me.  Front "So you saved the world from Armageddon?  So, What do you have to show for it?"  Inside, "Absolutely nothing.  The other guys got the credit.  You got to hold a model Asteroid.  This just shows you Hallmark makes a card for everything." LOL!  I wrote a little note on the inside and signed Dolores Leglar and my email.  He read it right there.  He read what I wrote on the side. And this was where he COMPLETELY turned the table on me!  I was no longer the excited fan, he was. LOL.

He said loudly, very excited well he thrust his body toward the table, "YOU're RAVEN!" I said, "Yeah. (A little worried.  I thought he was going to call security!)"  He said again, "YOU'RE RAVEN!  I don't believe it!" I say, "NAH!" It hit me, he knew who I was! He said something like, "I was looking forward to meeting you.  I was expecting you. HI!" Then offered his hand to me.  We shook hands.  Everyone was staring at this point!  Staring at me and probably thinking, "Who's the girl? Who's Raven?" LOL!  I don't really remember everything that well after that because I was in shock.  My favorite actor knew who I was.  I told him after we shook hands, "I am so cold!" he said, "I am sorry.  They made you wait outside huh?" I was frozen! 

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