July 14, 2007

The West Coast Jason's Fanzoners had an encounter with Jason at the TCA Summer Press Tour, Beverly Hilton

Thanks to all the fabulous photos taken by Marianne!



Marianne (Blisster) and I were sitting on chenille-covered chairs in the air conditioned lobby of the Beverly Hilton, wondering if we'd ever see him. We had no idea what time the Brotherhood panel session was or if we'd already missed it. As it turns out, the ballrooms are to the right of the lobby. If we were going to see him, this would be the place. So, we sat and waited.

At 11:45, he walked through the doors. We jumped up and, as he walked to the front desk to check in, I asked him if he would have 5 minutes after the panel discussion to talk with us. He said that he didn't know what the schedule was. He also said that he hadn't slept. (Probably took the red-eye from Rhode Island.) I answered that we were the first to arrive and that DD (Raven) and Angela were on their way. We told him that we would wait patiently until he could give us some time.

The rest of the afternoon, he was ushered/escorted/directed through the lobby, about a dozen times, to the various locations, and each time he apologized for not being able to stop and chat. But we assured him that we were fine. At least we weren't outside behind barracades in the hot sun. We were also well behaved enough that Security didn't bother us.

In the meantime, we saw, in no particular order, David Duchovny, James Remar, Matthew Modine, Natashia McElhone (not sure of the spelling), Christiane Amanpour, one of the Olsen twins (not a fan, so couldn't tell which), Jason Clarke (of course), and the casts of Dexter and Weeds. There were more, but memory fails.

Finally, he came over to us, apologizing again, signed several Lucius pix for the charity auctions, posed for group pictures, and it was all too brief, but enjoyable nevertheless. And I forgot to get my hug, darn it!!

(Helen inadvertently wrote Marianne's phone no. on one of the pics, Jason was laughing about being given someone's phone number.)

Funny anecdote: Sitting at the opposite side of the lounge from us were two female limo drivers bemused by our encounter. When Jason was finally pulled away from us, one of them asked "Who was that? When we told them, they said, "Who?" (tsk! Typical! Rolling Eyes ) We said, "Lucius Malfoy." And I whipped out one of the pix he had signed, and one yelled, "NO WAY!" Uh, WAY!

It was great seeing everyone again. It's been 3 years since we last got together. And Jason was the icing on the cake.



It was a very short encounter due to the fact he was just out of his meeting for just a moment and even then he had "his people" telling him he had to move on.

But here is the report...

He approached and said, "Hi, I have just a few minutes and then I have to go". So I introduced myself and then everyone else did the same. DD comes up to him and gives him her hug. Meanwhile, all the while this is going on Marianne is snapping away on her camera. Then Helen asks if he wouldn't mind signing some things and he said of course not. So, he sits down and signs away and in the meantime I remember to call Char and she tells me to say hi to him, which I do, and then he tells me to tell her hi and say thanks to her and I just said, "here, talk to her" and I hand him the phone. So Char got to have a lively conversation and he thanked her for the care package she sent to him in Rhode Island.

Then we took a group shot and then he had to go.

It was a very short and sweet encounter and he was very gracious to spend time with us considering he was there "on business". So, thank you Jason and I hope to met you again.


You can read part of the Brotherhood Panel transcript on that day HERE

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