March 29, 2006

Jason presented the Sainsburys Popular Fiction Award to Audrey Niffenegger for her book

"The Time Traveler's Wife".

Transcript by Servalan, Video courtesy of Sue

Before the show

Jason:  In my experience, writers generally are found on the floor in a pool of their own dribble, and I’m hoping to see a lot of well known authors get horribly drunk.

The Award

Judy:  …please welcome another household favourite.

Richard: Now, this is a man who’d be a welcome guest in anybody’s home just so long as he wasn’t playing his current big screen alter ego, that’s the villainous Lucius Malfoy. It’s the splendidly dastardly Jason Isaacs!

Judy (to Jason): You obviously love playing baddies. Are they more fun to play than the good guys?

Jason:  You know, I tried to save my men and the city in Black Hawk Down, I’ve just come back from filming trying to save my marriage to Catherine Keener, I saved the planet in Armageddon, but if you burn down one church full of women and children, then they’ve labeled you for life! [Judy giggles and says sorry]

Richard: Speaking of children, your own ones are too little to see the Harry Potter films, so they wouldn’t be able to give you feedback, but what do older kids say to you when they see you? They must recognise you as Malfoy…

Jason:  Well actually, Lily, my oldest one, is four, and she does watch it. She’s seen it, the Harry Potter films and Peter Pan, and she tells her friends that Daddy does dress-up for a living… [the rest is drowned out by laughter]

Judy:  Would you like to do the honours?

[The nominees are read out]



Judy:  I just have to say we are particularly chuffed, ‘cause three out of four of these books were in our book clubs. Jason?

Jason:  Let’s hope the winner isn’t the other one! [laughter]


            And the winner is one of the most unconventional, imaginative and moving love stories you’ll ever read – it’s the brilliant Time Traveler’s Wife!

[The award is presented to Audrey Niffenegger, who gets a kiss on each cheek]


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