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Crime Time Previews

Tachyon TV

" ever, Jason Isaacs puts in a good performance which makes Brodie's introspection convincing rather than annoying, and heís also adept at the comedy scenes.."

Guardian-Sam Woolaston

"Phwoar, pecs and tattoos. He's also a nice guy, good humoured, sympathetic, empathetic.

All of which means he's a big hit with the ladies. They try to seduce him and exploit him. He's basically totty."

The Arts Desk

Case Histories will live or die on Isaacsí immensely likeable performance.

Guardian-Andrew Collins

Rewind TV-Euan Ferguson

"Jason Isaacs won his promotion to officially approved national lust object"


The only thing they could improve about this drama is the title. Case Histories is deadly dull, but the drama is not. I hope we see another series.

Telly and Tea

"Iíve noticed a lot of previews, reviews and criticism of the new detective drama has focused on the eye-candy of Mr Jason Isaacs (above). So letís get it out the way.


New Statesman-Rachel Cooke

"Isaacs can do it all: hard man, sensitive man, funny man, bruised man."

Fly High!

"Jackson Brodie is everything but a knight in shining armour: he's fragile, funny, awkward, unreliable but he is a deeply good-hearted and extremely romantic character."



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