Jason appeared as a guest on the November 25th, 2006 show

Actor Jason Isaacs has said that he’s a big fan of pig.

“I like any part of the pig,” the 43-year-old told BBC’s Saturday Kitchen show.

According to Isaacs, his family cooking as a child consisted of stodgy food and he’s careful of what he eats due to his father having a double heart bypass.

Isaacs revealed his joy of eating pig ribs when he was filming The Patriot in the States and the way it was cooked.

The actor, who is best known for playing baddies has been in such hits as the Harry Potter movies and Peter Pan.

The Jewish star from Liverpool said as a child growing up, there was one item always off the menu.  “Seafood,” he said. “My brother is allergic to it.”

So despite, a love of pork, Isaacs won’t touch shellfish.  “I hate prawns,” he said.

In previous interviews, Isaacs’ enjoyment of acting and eating pork, shouldn’t come as any surprise as he says: “I come from a nice Jewish family, there was a doctor, a lawyer, and an accountant, so I’m the black sheep.”

(Article from Jewtastic.com)

The audience phoned in to vote for Jason's food heaven (Pork/Chicken in spicy sauce) YUM!

Jason was so happy with the choice.

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