British Soap Awards 2002

Jason presented the 'Sexiest Female' Award

            Emcee:  It gives me enormous pleasure to introduce a man who has a lot of hands on experience with the ladies.

                                                Star of Armageddon, The Patriot and Black Hawk Down, from Hollywood, Jason Isaacs


Jason:         ..For 20seconds I had the full attention of all the sexiest females in the room, that was kind of nice.

Interviewer:   Who did you want to win?

Jason:            Anybody who would kiss me will be fine

Interviewer:    Are u a big soap fan?

Jason:            I was, be it Iíve been away making films for a year. I come back and all the characters that I love are gone to 

                       Australia, or disappeared.

                       So I need a reintroduction to whatís going on with the soaps



Thanks to Meryl for the images.

More screencaps added on 3/6/04 thanks to a video from Kay.

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