The West Wing
Memorial Day

Original air date May 19, 2004



JASON ISAACS : Colin Ayres

Text from TwoP: The West Wing

Previously from GAZA, Donna and Fitz blew up in Gaza, and suffered different fates, as she made it to the Hospital of Dramatic Bedside Longing, while he stalled out in the Desolate Land of Supporting Characters Sacrificed During Sweeps. Donna's trip to the hospital interrupted her budding romance with Hot Photographer (Colin), and it motivated Josh right off his ass and catapulted him to Germany to visit her.

Germany, hospital: Colin walks up to Josh in the hall, carrying flowers, and whispers, "Donna Moss?"

 "Uh-huh," Josh says glancing back at the room, and Colin walks in to see Donna. Josh tells C.J. that they should "come out fighting" in response to the negative press, but all of his attention is now focused on watching Colin walk into Donna's room, walk over to her bed, and provoke a much bigger grin on Donna's face than she wore when she woke up and saw Josh himself. Colin puts down the flowers, tenderly touches Donna's foot, and then leans down and kisses her, as Josh babbles into the phone and stares openly and rather intrusively......

In Donna's hospital room, Josh is watching coverage of the aftermath of the Israeli advance on the compound. Colin walks up, putting on his jacket, and remarks that the Palestinians do, despite their talk, understand that the only chance for peace is by cooperating with the U.S. in some kind of a process. Josh has a different topic on his mind. "So you guys spent a lot of time together over there?" he asks, tossing his head back toward Donna. Colin looks over at her as well. "Uhh...some," he says. Josh makes like he's going to be satisfied with this, but after a pause, he comes back with "Pretty long flight from Gaza to Germany." Colin hesitates, not sure exactly how far into this he's supposed to wade. "Not really," he says with a nervous smile. "It's nothing compared to the flight from D.C." Colin advances on Josh a bit. "Look, she didn't mention...anything. If this -- is going to be an issue, then --" "No, no issue," Josh says, eyeing Colin suspiciously.

 Donna stirs, and they both go over to her bed. She asks for her morphine clicker, and Colin hands it to her. She clicks it a bunch of times. "I think it only works the first time," Josh says, distracted.

Colin says he's got to take off briefly, but he'll be back. Josh wisely turns away to the TV to let them say goodbye, and Colin leans over and gives Donna a smooch.

On his way out, he gives Josh a stiff "nice to meet you" type of a thing. When he's gone, Josh looks at his feet, really wanting to ask Donna all about it and knowing it's none of this damn business. Donna bails him out. "Isn't he charming?" she asks. "Sure," Josh says. "In a bodice-ripping, Heathcliff-on-the-moor, I'm-too-sexy-for-my-camera sorta way." A nurse brings in another bouquet, and Donna asks whom it's from. Josh plucks the card, and he is puzzled. The front is in Arabic, and the back says, "Wishes for a speedy recovery. Father of the baker, Father of the Light, Son of the Sword." ....


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