The West Wing


Season 6 Premiere Episode. Original Air Date: October 20, 2004

Jason : Colin Ayres, professional photographer


Dark hospital corridor. Colin tells Josh that it "looks like your boy has got himself in a bit of trouble." Josh points out that Jed has been "President Bartlet for six years now, and he hasn't been a boy for about fifty." Needless to say, Colin thinks there is little chance that a summit will succeed. Josh and Colin proceed to do everything to claim their territory except beat their chests and throw feces at each other. Suffice it to say that Colin thinks the Israelis are oppressing the Palestinians, and Josh thinks the Israelis are engaged in righteous self-defense.

Ultra-dark hospital corridor. A doctor  walks up to Josh and Colin and tells them that a clot was discovered in Donna's right lung. Didn't we already learn this in the last episode? The doctor says, "She asked if she could see you for a moment before we put her under." Colin says, "Me?," and the doc burst his bubble by telling them that it is actually Josh that Donna wants to see.

Darkened hospital corridor. Colin wonders why Josh came running halfway around the world to be at Donna's bedside. Josh explains that they work together, and Colin wonders if Donna is a dalliance from the past or a love that was sadly unconsummated. Colin starts to tell Josh a story about a girl he dated when he was seventeen, and how she wrote to him every day when HP was away at university. Colinhas just uttered the words "I took her for granted" when a doctor walks up to give them an update on Donna. Well, really he's just there to give Josh an update -- even her doctors know that Donna belongs with Josh. The bullet point on Donna is that she is out of surgery, is still unconscious, and may have suffered brain damage.

Darkened hospital. Colin is sitting next to Donna's bed, dozing off, while Josh talks to Toby on his cell phone.

Hospital. Josh is sitting next to Donna's bed. She wakes up and whispers his name several times. The look in his eyes is heartbreaking. Apparently, the sun has finally come up in Germany, because there is this gorgeous yellow light washing over one side of Donna's face. Considering how horrible she looks, she looks pretty great. Josh tells her that her mother is there, but that she went to get some food. We had better meet Donna's mother next week, is all I'm saying. Josh just leans over her and tells Donna that he's still there, and the camera slowly pulls back from them as he pulls her blanket up for her.

(Text description from TwoP)

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