Episode 6

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Warner's ready to put troops on the ground in Tyrgyztan. Her adviser, Carl urges patience and caution and all but accuses her of profiteering if her husband still has shares in Armitage.

At the Pentagon events are catching up with Warner's right hand man Christopher Styles. George Blake has been doggedly piecing together the shards of evidence from all the apparently unrelated stories. She's close to something now. One of the men in the car crash with Jane carried Defense Intelligence department ID. What does Christopher know about Vinnie Swain?

Mark's on the phone to Downing Street putting on record that he believes the UK and the US are being manipulated into war. He later receives the news that Jane Lavery is in intensive care after a car crash in Tampa that killed two of her companions and seriously injured a third. Mark's shocked - what was she doing in Tampa? And who was she with? He leaves his meeting without hesitation - but Nicholas stops him. 'Not this time. Don't go off piste again. She's OK. We have a job to do here.' Mark concedes but not before putting the hospital on suicide alert on Jane's behalf. She will have a 24-hour guard. Even as he puts the phone down a masked killer in scrubs enters the intensive care unit. But this time it's not Jane they're after but the cold blooded young killer Vinnie Swain. This is an end that will not be left untied.

With Jane looked after, Mark puts together a posse to do the legwork he can't do. He sends Matthew Weiss of the Washington Press to go to Tampa to find out who was in the car with Jane?; who could have put pressure on the Governor of Florida to ensure Luke's death; and how are the two things connected?

Then he goes on to Caroline Hanley and George Blake and urges them to keep up their investigations and share with him anything they uncover.

As the rhetoric speeds towards war George's investigations take her to Charles Macintyre's office where she finds the knife used to kill the hooker and implicate James Sinclair.

From Tampa Mark receives Jane's copy of Luke's DV and finally sees what happened to Saida. All the evidence points to one thing. Seven years ago when she was CEO of Armitage, Lynne Warner ordered a massacre designed to eliminate the democratic opposition in Tyrgyztan. This is big. This is the kind of thing that could bring down an administration on start a war. But something about it feels wrong to Mark. Warner's a straight-talking girl. This Machiavellian plot isn't her style.

As the great and good gather at the British Embassy for a round table discussion on post-regime change Tyrgyztan, Mark lays his trap. They're bugging his office? He'll give them something to listen to. With the guests waiting outside he takes Warner into the library and confronts her with what he knows. Slowly the two realise how they've been played and then Warner reveals that the man in charge of CMC's ventures in Central Asia in 1999 was Caroline Hanley's boyfriend, co-sponsor with Mark of Eshan's visit to Washington, Gordon Adair.

In Tampa Matthew Weiss turns up the final piece of the puzzle. Armitage is about to pour millions of dollars and thousands of jobs into Florida when it opens offices in Orange County. Now they know who leant on the governor, who needed to make the last witness of the Bukek massacre disappear - Armitage CEO Gordon Adair.

Caroline wrenches the last piece of evidence from her father's laptop. The man who ordered 125 triggered spark gap switches to be sent to Tyrgyztan was Gordon Adair.

The end game plays. Warner sacks Christopher Styles who goes home to his apartment and takes an overdose. Nicholas, anticipating that Macintyre won't want any loose ends arrives at Styles's department and waits for Macintyre to turn up. When he does Nicholas shoots him but is too late to save Christopher. At Armitage HQ Caroline confronts Adair and Mark arrives in time to hear him crow that there's nothing anyone can do. Armitage keeps the US running. Who's going to send him down?

Washington wakes to Matthew Weiss's exclusive linking Gordon Adair to the death of an innocent man on Death Row and the many innocent victims of the 1999 massacre in Tyrgyztan. Adair will have a case to answer after all.

And at the Pentagon Mark and Warner stand eyeball to eyeball for the last time. With a once in a lifetime opportunity to rid the world of a dangerous man Mark doesn't hesitate. 'This war is illegal, Lynne. Stand the planes down.'

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