Interview Clip from the I, Robot Premiere

July 8th, 2004

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Transcript by Sherri:

What are you working on next?

Uh, Iím doing a movie called 'Nine Lives'. Which is nine, itís like short cuts. Itís nine separate stories about women. But each one is shot in a continuous take, so it's kind of, itís like Hitchcockís 'Rope'

Now tell me, there have been rumors going back and forth that youíre involved, that you might be involved with a little story with Tim Story? Thereís been rumors that you may be playingÖ

NoÖ thatísÖ complete nonsense tragically. I was spotted, for some bizarre reason, standing outside his office, from where this thing spiraled, and I had all these people phoning me, wishing me congratulations on being in 'The Fantastic Four', but sadly I donít think thatís to be, although it was my favorite comic growing up.

Really... So besides that is there any other comic book movie, superhero movie, big action adventure movie that youíll be working on soon?

Uh, well doing the 'Harry Potters' next. Iím back to Harry Potter, you know Iím in the fourth one a bit, and uh, and then Iím doing a film about the rise of the Naziís which is, I guess is about as big of a super villain you can get. But Iím playing a good guy.

Good, good, good. Well when will we expect that and whose attached to that project?

Uh, at the moment itís me, and I canít say actually. Iím not, Iím wondering if Iím allowed to tell you. I donít think Iím allowed to tell you. But anyway itís happening next year.

Whatís it called?

Itís called 'Good'. And itís based on the award winning Broadway play, called 'Good'.

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