Good (Period Drama)

Set in 1930's Germany, GOOD is a startlingly contemporary study of how a "good" man can be seduced by the forces of evil.

John Halder, a professor of literature, cares for two children, a neurotic wife and a mother suffering from senile dementia. In response to her downward spiral, he writes a novel favouring euthanasia for the terminally ill. When the Nazis single out his novel as "the way forward", he finds himself succumbing to Party flattery and making a series of minor and then major moral compromises.

Throughout, music is the expression of Halder's conscience and it manifests itself to him at the most inappropriate moments. A Bavarian boys choir crashes in when Halder attempts to seduce a young lover. Other characters burst into snatches of popular American ballads. Not surprisingly, it gives Halder pause and causes him to seek help from his best friend, the Jew and psychoanalyst Maurice.

As the situation worsens for the Jews, Halder does all he can to save Maurice. But the risks only accelerate as Halder rises in the party ranks.


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A clip was shown on UK TV 'Jonathan Ross Film 2007' on Oct 9th 2007






Viggo Mortensen is now listed to star as John Halder. The article is HERE


Jason talked with Empire about GOOD at the 2006 Empire Awards in March

So is Good finally happening?
Yes, Good is back on. Last year we had the actor, a fantastic actor, but we didnt quite have all the money. We had almost every piece but literally the bit that funded the mobile phones until the giant cheque arrived, but then it all collapsed because Hugh (Jackman) had to go off and do X-Men 3 and I had a shoot as well. This week weve got all the money. We havent as yet got the actor but there are a number of people who want to do it.

What is it about the project thats kept your interest?

Oh its a phenomenal script. It was an amazing play, its a great, great script and its new and different and we now have a new and fabulous director. Ostensibly its about Germany in the 30s but its not really, its about what am I doing when civil rights around me are being suspended? Because they are. What do Americans do when they ignore the patriot act, how much of a fuss am I making about people being locked up in Belmarsh? About people kind of falling under the welfare radar? So its incredibly contemporary I dont know about you but I spend my life making moral compromises that I blind myself to, that Id rather not think about, that Im terrified my children will ask you about. Why do we have a big car? Why do we have all the lights on?

So its a chance to focus on all those issues?
Its very easy to make films about that period that are about victims and they make me feel safe. Its very easy to make films generally in which you think Well Im not a bad guy, Id be the good guy but this is a film about how good people got swept up and ended up being at the heart of that repulsive regime and you look in the mirror and hopefully it will be provocative and end up in you policing yourself. We should all be policing ourselves each day, Id hate to see what Id find.

The whole interview is HERE




March 18th, 2005

Hugh Jackman will take the lead role instead of Colin Firth.

Jason gave an interview for Empire Online:

The film is an adaptation of C P Taylor's acclaimed play, set in Germany during the years of the Third Reich. Jackman will play Professor Halder, the respected doctor who becomes a Nazi stooge. It so happens that we talked to Jason Isaacs, who is playing Halder's best friend Maurice, about the film just the other day, and here's what he had to say.

"I play the lead character's Jewish best friend they fought in the trenches together in the First World War. As the Third Reich becomes more powerful, the friendship obviously becomes more strained since the lead character ends up joining the Nazi party." Halder is drawn further and further towards the Nazi cause for what he considers the best of reasons. But as his star rises, he abandons his former friend.

"It's a really magnificent film," says Isaacs. "Since I've been playing pirates and all that stuff, it's the first time for a while I will have to engage myself in something really serious. I know it sounds pretentious when you talk about it, but I think it's going to be a really heavy couple of months for me, and I'm really looking forward to it."

He was looking forward to working with Jackman. "He's a really wonderful actor. I'm incredibly excited about seeing him do it he's never done anything like this before. And it's directed by an insanely talented Danish lady who did Italian for Beginners, Lone Scherfig. I've been auditioning all the other actors and actresses, and watching how she works it's been a long time since I worked with anyone that European, shall we say. I can't wait to see what she does with it."



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