In the end, bad-guy actor Isaacs finally gets the girl, Chicago Tribune 8/28/2003

'Passionada' isn't a soap; it's a luxurious bubblebath, Chicago Sun-Times 8/28/2003

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Milos is a magnetic performer and Isaacs has lots of finesse. If Ireland has said that his "ideal" models for these roles were the untouchable Sophia Loren and Cary Grant (who costarred in another New England romance, Melville Shavelson's amiable 1958 family comedy "Houseboat"), these two are nevertheless fine substitutes. 

Milos and Isaacs are a hugely appealing couple


By Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune


Isaacs is an actor to watch. He’s about to get big attention as the star of the live-action “Peter Pan” later this year, and has an easygoing bad-boy charm By Dan Bennett
North County Times
In his first contemporary romantic leading role, he’s as unique and charismatic as the young Cary Grant of 60 years ago. Working his way into a woman’s heart under false pretenses, then as passionate about proving himself worthy of her trust as a coltish athlete on the way to his first Olympic competition, he is spectacularly appealing. Jason Isaacs is the real deal. Why isn’t he a big star already?  

By Rex Reed

The New York Observer


Wildly passionate and sensual with a new cast of faces who are utterly spellbinding, this film has it all: romance, love and family. It's got the feel, the romance, the love, the family, the cleverness of a foreign film, but this is all-American. By Mike Szymanski,
.....choosing Jason Isaacs was a stroke of genius. Dastardly in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," Isaacs often plays the villain, so his roguish countenance is ideal as the untrustworthy con man by Susan Granger,
Isaacs exudes a roguish charisma that makes his attraction to both women inevitable By Ric Oliveira

The Portuguese Journal

A pleasure to see Jason Isaacs, a leading-man-caliber actor with leading man looks, actually getting to play a leading man instead of a brutal sword-twirling ne'er-do-well (The Patriot, the upcoming Peter pan and the aforementioned Harry Potter movies)
Charlie is a bit of a throwback to the charming leading men more commonly found in cinema 50 years ago, and Isaacs is able to make this lying cheater engaging.
"Swirling, Sensuality...Milos & Isaacs Are Sexy, movie-star talented and, together, really good kissers." By Chuck Wilson,

LA Weekly

"The real acting story of 'Passionada' is Jason Isaacs. Playing Lucius Malfoy in the two 'Harry Potter' movies and Mel Gibson's evil Redcoat nemesis in 'The Patriot,' Isaacs seemed a sort of matinee-idol villain, not getting to express much beyond sneering good looks. He's softer here, more relaxed. There's something becoming about watching an actor as handsome as Isaacs play a good-natured screw-up. The smile he gets to flash, and the almost palpable longing he radiates when looking at Milos, are very becoming. They lighten him as an actor, give him an air of playfulness he's never gotten to show on-screen. You get to enjoy a romantic lead who's both a bit of a rogue and one in whom love feeds the desire to be a better man. He doesn't overplay the former or sentimentalize the latter. It's a charming performance."
Salon Magazine
"handsome charmer/gambler Charles Beck...(played by the dashing) Isaacs, who is usually cast as a villain ('The Patriot,' 'Windtalkers'), is showcased here in a rare light romantic role that brings to mind Cary Grant.

Milos and Isaacs should be teamed up in a remake of the Loren-Grant comedy 'Houseboat.' Based on this film, they make a nice team."
Sacramento Bee
The obvious analogy here is the Tony Curtis's Cary Grant routine in Some Like It Hot, and it's no great shock that director Dan Ireland had a Cary Grant type in mind when casting the picture. Isaacs is quite good in his role as the charming con man, and seeing that he's after her heart rather than her inheritance, audiences are sure to excuse him. In fact, the entire cast is exceptional - Milos is positively magnetic, Rossum will undoubtedly go far..."
Premiere magazine online

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