December 26, 2003

Guest Stars: Jason Isaacs & Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan)

 Transcript by Alicia                                                               Screencaps by Charuwan

  Elisabeth: Without a doubt, I love the Peter Pan story whether Iím       reading the childrenís classic or watching the new holiday movie adaptation starring Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan and Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook. And this Peter Pan is action-packed, take a look.

 (Shows clip from film- the black castle fight scene)

 Elisabeth: Please welcome Jeremy Sumpter and Jason Isaacs. 

(And here comes Jeremy and Jason out from backstage, all smiles. Jeremy is in a striped button down shirt and brown pants. Jason is in jeans and a blue v-neck sweatshirt. They come over to the sofas and shake hands, hug and give each of the four hosts a polite kiss on the cheek before sitting down.)


 Meredith: Nice to see you.

 Elisabeth: Kisses all around. 

 Jeremy: And by the way, I do not cheat on girls (putting his hands up defensively) 

 Elisabeth: Yeah, donít cheat on girls. 

 Jason: What I wanna know is who do you think these married men are having affairs with? Itís married women (arches eyebrows and shrugs) 

 Meredith: Probably 

 Joy: If theyíre smart. 

 Star: Ya think? Married women? NotÖ 

 Jason: I donít (puts hand on chest defensively). I have no personal experience of that. Iím just- 

 Joy: Right, exactly. 

 Jason: Someone said that backstage (points backstage), I donít know. 

 Joy: Well, if theyíre smart, because otherwise the single women want to get married. 

 Jason: Thatís right.

 Joy: Right (nodding) 

 Jeremy: I wanna get married. 

 Jason: (turns to Joy) And theyíll tell. 

 Meredith: You wanna get married? 

(Jeremy nods) 

 Elisabeth: You had some practice. You had a little kiss in this film. (Smiles) 

 Jeremy: Well (leaning forward and putting his hands between his knees) that was good. That was fun (trying to hold in a smile while the audience laughs) 

(Jason is watching him this whole time, smiling, and biting his lower lip)



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