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People Magazine Jan 12, 2004 gave PP 3 stars out of 4 with the 'Critic's Choice' seal of approval

Empire Jan 04

Article in Total Film Magazine Jan 04

11/22/2003 Official Website Updated with loads of new pics.


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Article in Fantasy Worlds Magazine Feb 2004 issue

Night & Day Article 11/09/2003

11/05/2003 The Lowdown on Some Top Holiday Films

"Peter Pan"

J.M. Barrie's tale of Neverland and eternal child Peter, his pal Wendy and their pirate nemesis Capt. Hook gets live-action treatment by director P.J. Hogan. Jason Isaacs, who plays both Hook and Wendy's dad, offers the setup:

"If you ask people, they think it's about a boy who fights pirates. It's not that at all. It's about a boy who will never grow up fighting a man who is too grown up, the two of them fighting for the soul of a girl who's trying to decide which one she wants to be. It's what we'd like to be fighting with what we think we are. ... When Wendy goes off to Neverland, she's actually going off to a place inside her head. She goes to this fantasy place and invents this character, Peter, who's never going to grow up, who represents all the wonderful and terrible things about childhood, and then she invents a person who is too grown up, Capt. Hook, who is strangely attractive and looks suspiciously like her own father. It's all a Freudian nightmare for everyone involved."


9/27/03 Total Film Magazine November 03 issue

9/14/03 In-Entertainment TV program in Australia had a Behind-the-Scenes program. Video provided by My Precious. The screencaps are HERE

Screencaps from Entertainment Tonight are HERE

5 New Peter Pan books will be released in November. The covers are:


8/11/03 has hi-res pictures up HERE

8/7/2003 'Peter Pan' has clever hooks

8/7/2003 A mature 'Peter Pan'

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