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Dec 31, 2003

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 Joie: For almost a hundred years the magical story of Peter Pan has enchanted children of all ages. This holiday season, Peter and his old nemesis, Captain Hook, are at it again in a new big screen adventure. Jason Isaacs plays the pirate with a bad attitude.


 Clip from Black Castle fight scene.


 Joie: Jason Isaacs, good morning!


 Jason (wearing a gray long-sleeve button down shirt and blue jeans): (smiling and scratching his arm) Morning, I was just watching that stuff thinking it looks like fun (chuckles) but it wasnít fun at all, it was really hard work (tilts head to the side).


 Joie: Well, itís actually very physical.


 Jason: Oh yeah (widens eyes a bit and arches eyebrows), yeah.


 Joie: But actually I was thinking, when Iím watching you in this movie, have you heard this before? You look like Robert DeNiro in Angelheart.


 Jason: (looking very surprised and taken aback, he leans back and places his hands on the arms of the chair) Iíve never heard that before. (Starts to smile) Thatís the firstÖnew thing that someone has said to me in three weeks of publicizing this movie (makes a gesture towards Joie with his hands and tilts his head, smiling). Thanks very much.


 Joie: Youíre kidding. No, that is a compliment. Youíre like sexy and dangerous and scary. But, at the same time thereís a very comical side to you (gestures at him)


 Jason (hands folded in lap): Oh yeah, well heís aÖ ya know, we all like to laugh at people (thereís the head tilt again) more unfortunate than ourselves and heís this sad old git who looks in the mirror all the time and wishes he was younger and just canít keep hold (looks down and to the side) of this twelve year that is destroying his life.


 Joie:  Okay, now I go in to see this movie knowing Iím interviewing Jason Isaacs who plays Hook, plays Hook, plays Hook. Didnít realize until days later, Iím reading the production notes that you also play Wendyís father.


 Jason (playing with his hands): You didnít realize when you were watching it? (Arches eyebrows in surprise and smiles).


 Joie: I didnít realize you were Mr. Darling.


 Jason: Oh no! Iíve done it all wrong (puts both hands on his cheeks). What a disaster (starts laughing)


 Joie: No, no, no. It just shows how versatile you are.


 Jason (adjusting in his seat): Well, the idea is itís meant to be subliminal. Itís Wendyís nightmare, Neverland is Wendyís nightmare, well itís her dream (looks up). And uh, Captain Hook is this version of her dad (kind of shakes his head) that she wishes he was. Cause her dadís a real wimp, ya know, Mr. Darling wonít say, heís scared of his own dog and mind his boss and when you fantasize about (hand gestures) what you wish your dad was, you wish heís not scared of anything, you wish, ya know, in those days you wish he was a dashing pirate. (Hint of a smile there).


 Joie: Well we have a clip because I wanted to let people see how different you look from the clip we just saw you as Hook (Jason nods and folds his hands in his lap again) and the clip of you as Wendyís dad.


 Jason: Right


 Joie: Mr. Darling


 Clip of film- Mr. Darling is yelling at the children about being Nana and informs Wendy that itís time she grew up.



 Jason: Unfortunately (gestures at screen and smiles) thatís when he gets (starts laughing and leans forward) the only time he gets annoyed in the whole movie. Most of the time, heís terrified. Kind of walking around very, very wimpy (scrunches his shoulders together in a timid manner)

 Joie: Right, there heís tough, exactly.


 Jason: The dog was about to go for me. The dog trainer kept saying (leans to the side and puts his hand near his mouth, American accent), ďUh, I think heís gonna pounce any secondĒ. And I go, (puts on a bit of a worried look) ďPJ, the dogís gonna bite meĒ and PJ would go (imitates PJ Hogan) ďIs that true? Is the dog gonna bite him?Ē And the trainer would go, ďNo, no, itís cool. Carry onĒ (waves it off).


 Joie (laughing and puts her fingers at the pulse points of her neck): You need to put on a grievous perfume before the scene.


 Jason (smiling): Yeah, youíre right.


 Joie: But, actually the fact that youíre playing both roles borrows a page from the original production of Peter Pan.


 Jason: Yep


 Joie: when JM Barrie wrote it.


 Jason: Itís been that way for a hundred years onstage. The thing is, is that no oneís ever made Peter Pan before. Not the real story and no oneís ever put a twelve year old boy playing the twelve year old boy. So, it suddenly becomes this new thing. Itís a love story. Itís a whole rites of passage thing.


Shows clip of Peter and Wendy in the nursery when Peter becomes intimidated by Wendy.


 Jason: And all the elements that have been wowing audiences for a hundred years in England are there for the first time on film except weíve got these magic special effects that you can do nowadays so the whole realm of a childís imagination becomes real.


 Joie: It looks great. Now when you got cast for this role, PJ Hogan the director and the screenwriter said you were made for Hook. Did you watch Dustin Hoffmanís version of Hook?


 Jason (nods and smiles): I did see Dustin Hoffmanís version of Hook (looks down at his hands) I thought I would do it (takes a deep breath) taller.


 Clip of shirtless Hook in his cabin, screwing on the Hook as he talks with Smee. The ďYou Call That A Favor?!Ē scene.


 Joie (laughing): Did you see it in preparation for this role?


 Jason: No



 Joie: Or did you see it Ďcause you had seen it when it was out in the movies and Steven Spielberg did Hook?


 Jason: No, Iím kiddiní. The thing is, is that Iíve seen various Hook before and theyíre always clowns. Theyíre always buffoons because heís not a real threat and JM Barrieís Captain Hook is a really dangerous guy. And heís dangerous Ďcause heís real. Heís cornered, and uh, heís a wounded animal. Heís in pain all the time from his stump. So if he suffers, other people are going to suffer even more.


 Joie: In that scene that we just saw youíre with your sidekick, Smee.  I read that you said you were like an old married couple.


 Jason: Yeah


 Joie: It was hilarious watching the two of you. You know the scene when youíre picking out which hook to go with your outfit.


 Jason: Oh, we have so many more scenes. Iím hoping theyíll be on the dvd (laughs). We spent the whole time messing around making people laugh. Richard Briers is the funniest man on Godís earth, and I swear he could read the yellow pages and youíd need to go and change your underwear.


 Joie: And a lot of that got left on the cutting room floor.


 Jason: Well, lots of it is still in the movie as well. He keeps turning to the camera. If he canít steal a scene enough by being in the corner of the frame, heíll actually turn right to the lens and talk to it.


Joie: You spent how long in makeup and hair to get prepared for the role as Hook?


Jason (shrugging): Oh that was the best bit of the day. Two hours in makeup in the morning. You know, when you start doing flying, cause Captain Hook at some point, flies in this film, youíre up in the air (looks up) basically getting a giant wedgie. (you hear Joie laughing). I did it from February to June.


Joie: Well, you look like a rock star as Hook and you did a great job.


Jason: Thank you very much.


Joie: Jason Isaacs, thanks so much.


Jason: Thanks for having me.


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