Tennis, anyone?

"Tennis, Anyone' in which I played - in fact I improvised - easily the most loathsome character I've ever put on film. It's set around the world of Celebrity Tennis Tournaments and in it I'm a huge movie star - ex-TV star - in the style of Jerry Lewis/Jim Carrey/Robin Williams who, away from the public, is the most disgusting human being you've ever come across. He's based on a few people I've seen close up and makes Tavington seem like Mother Theresa. He's sexist, he's racist, he's homophobic - and those are just his good qualities. It's always worrying if the crew laugh too much but, what the hell, we were in hysterics the whole time so it might just turn out OK. Donal and Kirk Fox (who co-wrote and co-stars) are great in it, really touching, and, whatever happens to it, I got to play tennis with an Australian open winner and two French open winners so everything else is gravy."

...Jason's e-mail to Kay, web-mistress of the Jason's FanZone in June 2004.


3/7/2006 The DVD was released on 2/28/06. 

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In the world of celebrity tennis, the battles are so bitter because the stakes are so small.

In a wickedly funny comedy about friendship, fatherhood and the utter lunacy of celebrity/charity tennis tournaments, Donal Logue and Kirk Fox star as two Hollywood outsiders who have so little left to lose that they will do anything to beat their mortal enemies. Director/co-writer Logue (Best Actor at the Sundance Film Festival for The Tao of Steve and star of the sitcom "Grounded for Life") returns to independent cinema with a gritty and surprisingly poignant look at two men who just may end up doing something meaningful with their lives. Watch for especially sharp and nasty performances by Jason Isaacs as an arrogant sitcom star, Stephen Dorff as a jingoistic country singer and Paul Rudd as a tennis racket wielding porn star.

Official Selection of the 2005 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival

Official Selection of the 2005 Austin Film Festival

Director: Donal Logue

Exec Producer: Seymour Tenney

Producers: Donal Logue and Orian Williams

Written By: Kirk Fox and Donal Logue

Cast: Donal Logue, Jason Isaacs, Kenneth Mitchell, Stephen Dorff, Kirk Fox, Paul Rudd, Maeve Quinlan, Danny Trejo, J.P. Manoux

MPAA Rating: NR

Run Time: 1hr 40mins





"Logue's archenemy is an obnoxious American actor who the Englishman Jason Isaacs plays far too well.

 Isaacs is so nasty you want to keep watching to see what kind of comeuppance the movie has waiting for him."

  The feature ‘Tennis, Anyone?’ took 3 Tasties for Best Feature, Best Supporting Actor for Jason Isaacs and a Best Actor win for star, co-writer and director Donal Logue.  ‘Tennis’ Tastie trifecta marks the third straight year at least one film at SMMASH has taken home three awards.

SMMASH 2005: The 5th Annual Strictly Midwest Movies And Short Hits Film Festival, Minneapolis


Helen from the Jason's FanZone had kindly posted a review after seeing the movie at the Anaheim Screening last evening.

Tennis, Anyone? is about an actor named Danny whose biorhythms are in destruct mode and who makes a couple of pretty bad decisions that wreak havoc on his life and career. Having been fired from his new TV show, Danny attempts to improve his tennis game and joins the pro–celebrity doubles circuit. Enter Jason, as Jooooohnnnny Greeeeeeene, the star of a long-running TV sitcom, who’s a self-centered insensitive piece of work. His public comic persona is in juxtaposition with real nastiness in private. A rivalry develops on the tennis courts, which results in some hilarious matches. And, yes, we did cheer for the villain. [btw, Jason plays quite a fair game of tennis.]

You’ll all be happy to know that Jason wears various shades of blue tennis outfits to very positive results. There’s even a tux scene and a conversation at a urinal (with a great line that he delivers at the end of that scene). He’s got a lot of screen time, which is a bonus. And he has third billing OVER the title!! It’s very funny. I laughed out loud in several places. Hoping this movie gets a wide distribution, so everyone can see it.

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