Sundance Film Festival

Jan 21, 2006

Press Roundtables at Village at the Lift, Park City

Video and transcription by Susan

JA – Jennifer Aniston

CK – Catherine Keener

J – un-named journalists

NH- Nicole Holofcener

JENNIFER ANISTON: I really still feel that’s…I feel very connected to..with Olivia still….you know I’ve absolutely… don’t have any money…That’s the thing when you don’t have it, its not until you have's not until you don’t have it you’re very thrilled at getting $500 bucks a week for waitressing, you think that’s a lot of money, and you know its all relative, and once you start to make money and then you see how much money you can have, and then you know you live within your means..and..I was never unhappy about where I was, but I definitely, like didn’t have as much as like the other person, but you know…I also

CK: work together, poor together….paid $900 bucks together, we’re friends forever

J: do you have any cost cutting secrets, like you character, the way she has samples of moisturizer and stuff like that

JA: I do that, of course

CK: she still does that

JA: we all, you know, everyone loves a good bargain, love a good bargain

J: boyfriend

JA: I think yeah, she’s always..she wants to feel loved, yeah but she’s just wants to feel loved

CK: she was stalking her ex

J: How do feel about the label chick flick?

NH: I hate it, its stupid

CK: Its stupid, its really stupid

NH: Its really stupid 


After our roundtable with the guys was done, Jason got up to leave to go to the next roundtable.

Note his reaction when we told him we would be having a 5 on 1 with him later. LOL



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