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The show stars Jason Isaacs (“The Patriot,” “Harry Potter” films) and Jason Clarke (“Rabbit Proof Fence”) as Michael and Tommy Caffee, two brothers on opposite sides of the law.

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It’s about two brothers, one a rising local politician and the other a local crime boss who mysteriously returns after years in exile/on the run. Guess which one I play! The Providence accent’s a hoot, I loved walking around in character – minus the guns of course - although when Emma and Lily came to stay they both told me to stop talking like a @#%$ idiot. Or something like that.....

......Jason's e-mail to Kay, web-mistress of the Jason's FanZone in November 2004.

"It was deliciously enjoyable to get my mouth around the very peculiar Providence accent," he claims. "For a British actor, it's a real godsend having a different voice like that. We're fascists about voices in England. As soon as somebody opens their mouth, everyone can tell not only where they come from and what kind of education they have, but what they aspire to do in life. For this part, once you start speaking like the character, you start thinking like him."

LA Daily News 6/21/06 Isaacs' magic moment

4/4/2007          Brotherhood is one of the  66TH ANNUAL PEABODY AWARDS WINNERS                          

Brotherhood Showtime

Uniformly splendid acting and a strong sense of place characterize this serial drama about two Providence, R.I. brothers, a rising politician and a smalltime gangster, and their morally compromised pursuits of the American dream. Produced by Showtime, Mandalay Television

10/29/2006     We have the scan of the article in Entertainment Weekly Magazine, courtesy of Kim from the FanZone.



10/20/2006   Gallery from FX Channel Smash Event

10/17/2006   Video Interview from

Jason demonstrated a little magic trick: A disappearing cigarette.

10/16/2006   Scan from British Sky Magazine (Courtesy of Muffy from the FanZone)

09/25/2006 added some more photos





09/19/2006    Showtime picks up second season!

09/3/2006      The UK FX Channel announced the premiere of Brotherhood in October


07/30/2006     Strong start makes 'Brotherhood' a contender

07/20/2006     TV Guide Insider Interview 'Jason Isaacs: More Than a Bad Brother'

07/11/2006    A compilation of 'Critics Quotes' 

07/09/2006  `Brotherhood' Has Providence Accent

07/05/2006    TV Guide Roush Review

06/22/2006   Scans from Entertainment Weekly (Thanks Marie)


and from Vogue (July 06) thanks to Iris

05/07/2006   Screencaps from previews added to the Gallery.

04/15/2006   Premiere date is Sunday, July 9th at 10pm EST.

04/05/2006   Another Preview -screencaps

04/01/2006   Brotherhood webpage is live at There is also a new video on that page.


02/02/2006    Production Notes

                        Images added to The Brotherhood Gallery

12/8/2005      Screencaps from Showtime commercial HERE


9/9/2005         The Woonsocket Call has posted images from Tuesday's shoot at Stadium Theatre. Prints are also available through their

                         onlinegallery. (Thanks to Gillian from JasonIsaacsOnLine).




9/2/2005         Video clips at (thanks to Inprov40 for the heads-up).




7/16/2005       The Pawtucket Times   

                         (Brotherhood)..Shooting for the full season, 11 more episodes, began July 6 and crews were back at the Statehouse this week lensing more  

                         scenes.Filming will be done completely in Rhode Island, not three to five days a season here and the rest in Los Angeles, the way NBC series

                         Providence was done. Production is scheduled to continue through Nov. 8 and the series will premiere at the end of January.Much of the filming will be

                         done on a soundstage in East Providence, Feinberg said. Production offices are already operating there."It's going to be employing 160 people full-time,

                         good wages, great wages, and word of mouth is already spreading," Feinberg said, adding that 90 percent of the crew are Rhode Islanders making good

                         wages and benefits.

6/18/2005       Article from

                         Showtime series casts Providence life, politics in familiar light

5/14/2005       Rhode Island Film & TV Office has some pictures from Showtime's Brotherhood Press Conference up. Thanks to

                         Also from a reliable source, Jason is to begin filming in Providence by July 6th, 2005.



1_20_05   Variety Article Thanks to Angela at the FanZone for the scans of the pic and article.

1_13_05  Showtime has ordered 11 more episodes, with production costs estimated at about $20 million, according to Steven Feinberg, director of the Rhode Island Film & Television Office. The show was expected to air early next year.