Release Date : January 14, 2005

HD Screencaps from the first 5 minutes

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DeMarco: You can't stop her. Nobody can stop her.
Bauer: Her?
DeMarco: I was afraid if I told you, you wouldn't take the job. I never should've hired you.

Bauer: Who do you think's coming for you?
DeMarco: You may have heard of her. Her name... is Elektra.
Bauer: [scoffs]
DeMarco: You find that funny?
Bauer: She's an urban legend, sir. That woman died years ago.
DeMarco: Really? Well, then somebody must have brought her back from the dead.


DeMarco: I guess it's all true. The red outfit, the knives. What happens now? You just kill me, straight out, just gulp?
Elektra Natchios: Don't worry. Death's not that bad.
DeMarco: How do you know?
Elektra Natchios: I died once.



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"I did an un-credited opening scene to a big superhero flick. Quite good fun - an extremely wealthy man waiting in his mansion to die who's ordered a lot of death in his time but can't quite prepare for his own and is ultimately terrified."


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