Harry Potter Behind the Magic

Interview with Jason Isaacs

Interviewer: Ben Shephard

Transcript by KJ


JI: Luscious Malfoy, heís such a delicious character, I think, more as Luscious than Lucius. 

Iíve been living a public life as, ah, you know, as a Diplomat, Aristocrat, and stuff, but secretly, Iíve been campaigning, and working towards my

Lordís return, and now Iím in my element, of course, cause heís back.

 (clip from the movie)

Lucius Malfoy: You know, you really should learn to tell the difference between dreams, and reality.


JI: We were a secret organization, you see, I couldnít help but reach for my wand, there, um, but we were a secret organization and ah, and the occasionally

We made forays into public, like at the Quidditch World Cup,

But now the kid gloves are off and the battle lines are drawn and thereís no point being hidden anymore which is a great relief for Lucius,

Because he can actually, finally, show his nasty side, given that Iíve been so cuddly up till now.


JI: We have seen the kids, well, there not kids anymore, but you saw them when they were kids, training to use wands, and their training at School to

use these things, their pretty basic maneuvers, but you finally see what happens when, you know, the equivalent of Jediís, when the Wizards,

Who really know what theyíre doing, come face to face.


JI: Sirius and I have a fabulous wand battle, and in order to do that they brought in a dancing coach, and a fight coach, and weÖ..

 Ben: So a Choreographer?

 JI: Yeah, and we worked out, thereís always a fight choreographer, but what we had to do was find a way of fighting with wands that wasnít traditional fighting,

Thatís not Sword fighting, and itís not, ah, itís something other. 

JI: So theyíve invented a vocabulary, a kind of physical grammar, of what you can and canít do with wands, and ah, weíve come up with 5 attacks and 5 defenses, and various ways of doing itÖ 

Ben: Specific moves? 

JI: Specific moves, but then you start tailoring them, so obviously, Lucius Malfoy, being who he is, heís got great form, heís kind of an Olympic Fencer.

Sirius Black has his own streets style, and stuff heís picked up in Azkaban.

(clip from movie) 

Lucius Malfoy:  You saw only what the Dark Lord wanted you to see, now

                           Hand me the Prophecy.


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