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8/1/2007   Lucius Figure will be released in November 2007 by The Sylvan Lane Shoppe



7/15/2007   ITV's Special 'HP OotP Costume Drama' takes an inside look at HP costumes. Click the link above to see more.


MSN video 'On the Set with Harry Potter' has a brief segment with Lucius

Transcribed by KJ:

JI: Frankly, nobody recognizes me at all, ah, in the films, except, 

Occasionally, parents will recognize me, normally from something else, not from Harry Potter… 

They’ll drag their kids over, & they’ll say “Do you know who that is?”, 

“Do you know who that is?”, “Do you know who that is?”, & go on, 

For, you know, an eternal amount of time, & they go “Tell them who you are, 

Tell 'em who you are”, I turn round & go (very demurely)  “I’m Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films”, 

& they go, “NO HE’S NOT”… 

Because, I’m standing there, you know, buying eggs, or something & why, 

Why would Lucius Malfoy be buying eggs in Sainsbury’s at Finchley Road? 

Um, so, I, no I don’t get recognized, which is, when I do get recognized, 

It kinda, it unravels the children’s world’s, that Lucius Malfoy might, in fact, be out, getting his fillings done…..


7/8/2007    Harry Potter 'Hidden Secrets' on A&E Channel tonight (repeating many times after), narrated by Jason!













7/8/2007    Harry Potter 'Behind the Magic' was shown on British ITV Channel on 7/7/2007

Thanks to I was able to do some screenshots from the video








Luis Fernando Restrepo, of program BBC World Today,  had an exclusive interview with British actor Jason Isaacs,

who portrays Lucius Malfoy in films "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". IN SPANISH

Original BBC webpage

Transcript by 'keysha' from Jason Isaacs Online message board

Interviewer - Hello, good morning
Jason Isaacs - Hi, good morning too
I - well, we're in the launching of the 5th movie. What do u think the audience will see on the new film?
JI - Well, the young students are now more adults and there are more dangerous situations, more risk and everything is more exciting
I - You mean is a film, maybe "not for child", for adults?
JI - no, no, it's for children too, yeah but, for example, Harry has his first kiss with Cho and now the characters have to change, and this change will take us to a great end, I wish.
I- of course, some people say that this film is the darker than the other, and the audience has to be concentrated on the facts to understand the argument...
JI - oh, I don't think so, it's very easy to understand if you saw the other movies
I- and what do you think about millions of children identify you with a wicked character?
JI- Everybody loves the wicked characters! is a pleasure to be "the bad" because when a HP fan see me on the street they're fascinated, is more exciting for them to see the bad character of the movie than a character that has no interest.
I - and when a fan stops you on the street, what do you say?
JI- It's very funny because they don't use to recognize me, and the parents always say "hey, don't you see? Is Lucius Malfoy!" and I have to make the voice like in the film, or say an important phrase to prove it, and then they become excited.
I- ohh, I supose so; and are you satisfied with the film?
JI - well I have to admit that I didn't see the film, it's the 5th premier that Ican't go because I'm working in the USA
I - well, but you'll be the wicked in all the films, and you'll have more and more prominence, isn't?
JI- for me, in the next book and the next film I'll stay in the prison,  but I wish in the last film I'll be more important again.
I- and now, can u make the lucius malfoy voice in Spanish?
JI- oh, i really like to try to speak like lucius malfoy in Spanish "good morning to all the people who are listening to me in South América"



Screencaps from the HBO First Look are HERE

Screencaps from the live webcast of the UK Premiere are HERE


6/30/2007    Screencaps from Behind-the-scenes clips. Thanks to OotPMoviepics.


6/26/2007   A scan from a page of 2008 calendar

6/26/2007    11 new clips are online at a German website. You can also watch them HERE

  Lucius is in the last video.


6/24/2007    Various new posters & wallpapers



6/19/2007   From

....Harry instantly recognizes that he has seen the Hall of Prophecy before, but as they makes their way down the rows of numbered shelves, it is Neville who makes a startling discovery.  The label for one of the glass orbs bears the name Harry Potter.

Unaware that the prophecy holds the key to the connection between him and Lord Voldemort, Harry takes it in his hands…and the trap is sprung.  The teenage wizards are surrounded by a group of Death Eaters, led by the treacherous Lucius Malfoy.  Reprising the role of Lucius, actor Jason Isaacs notes, “At that moment, Lucius’ mask of civility is gone forever.  The battle lines have been drawn and there is no pretending which side he is on.”

To stage the battle scenes, David Yates enlisted the help of choreographer Paul Harris to infuse the wand-to-wand combat with a style reminiscent of fencing.  “David wanted me to set rules of engagement for fighting with the wands, which had not been established in the previous films,” Harris explains.  “He wanted a range of movements and positions from which the spells could be delivered, but they had to be unique to the world of Harry Potter.”

In addition to outlining a basic set of movements, Harris worked with the actors to develop their individual techniques.  He offers, “Jason Isaacs, for example, has a very formal, pure style, whereas Gary Oldman’s style is a lot more ‘street,’ which befits the character.”....


6/19/2007   Characters Bio up at the Official site


6/14/2007    Lucius on the cover of Starlog Magazine , July 2007 Issue # 357


06/04/2007   Some new promo items from UHP

Huge posters on Paris buses

Theatre stand-ups

Lucius card

5/22/2007    6 new TV spots available at The Leaky Cauldron

 Screenshots from TV Spot #3

Screenshots from TV Spots 5

From TV Spot #6


5/16/2007    New images from the Official UK Harry Potter website



Thanks to Silko for the first composite image.

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